Full Financial Review

Personal holistic advice to meet your planning objectives

Our initial consultation will look to understand your Domicile status as an Expat.

We then build a blueprint to cover off each area of financial planning on your overseas journey until such time you decide to repatriate to either your home country or a new destination. Working with you, we will hold regular meetings throughout the year, to not only keep you on track to meet your goals, but to look at new opportunities and improvements to your plan.

Domicile Status

Understand your domicile status for future liability

Wills & Guardianship

Putting in place a legal framework to comply with Sharia Probate

Protection Planning

To make sure your loved ones can continue if you die or you have the means to cope with a dread disease

Education Planning

Looking at the costs associated with future education costs of children

Retirement Planning

Understanding the long-term goals and blueprint to financial independency

Inheritance Tax Planning

Looking at your future liability and how to mitigate effectively

Offshore Banking

Creating a facility that keeps your money out of the region and away from offshore tax environments


Setting you up with a provider to transfer money around the world

Lump Sum Investing

Diversifying your portfolio to uitlise any lump sum amounts from Savings, Asset Sale or Maturity of policies

Portfolio Management

In line with your appetite to risk managing the types of investments within your overall portfolio

International Property Investment

Understanding the property market if this is a viable addition to your portfolio

Repatriation Advice

Before leaving your country of residence, understanding the tax treatment of the country you will be repatriating to

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